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KiScon sign-up closing

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If you've been thinking about attending KiScon next month, or know someone who is, please be aware that membership sign-up closes on August 11. We cannot accept any new members after this date.

Rhaegal & Amanda
KiScon co-chairs
KiScon 2017

KiScon 2017 update #5

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Just over 50 days to go!  Woohoo!  (Also: Yikes!)  We’ve had a flurry of sign-ups in the last couple of weeks from attendees wanting to get in before the final discount ended on the membership fee. A reminder to any of you who knows someone who’s thinking of signing up, the KiScon registration cut-off is Friday August 11th.  We cannot accept new members or upgrades after this date.  This is because we need to give the hotel the final catering numbers and to allow us to make final plans.Collapse )

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Since I can't come to the convention, I thought I'd submit something in honor of AMOK TIME

I stand at the place of Koon-ut-kali-fee where, fifty years ago, my life changed forever because of you.

YOU were patient with my emotional outburst; my attempts to avoid the subject.

YOU were, as always, persistent, both as my commanding officer and my friend, until I finally 'opened up' and revealed the 'Thing no outworlder may know'., along with McCoy - how I miss him -

YOU risked your career to get me to Vulcan; both you, and McCoy - how I miss him - beamed down to stand with me.

YOU were so brave in accepting the challenge when T'Pring chose you as her champion.  Yes, contrary to believe ,concerning the effects of Plak Tow, I was aware of what was transpiring - your vain attempts not to kill me while putting your own life in danger.

YOU have never let me forget, down through the years, the overwhelming joy I could not contain when I saw you alive.

YOU came to me, on that wondrous night, of your own free will,  despite my objections,  the risks, and the  consequences to your being.

YOU became my Bondmate that night.

I can tell, by the depth of your love flowing through the bond, that this Pon Farr will be as passionate as the first -

All because of YOU.

Jatona Walker
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Hotel rooms

A number of members have recently experienced problems booking their hotel room at the con rate. Rhaegal has been on to the hotel about this and they've now added 20 extra rooms for each of the nights September 14-17. If you experience any further issues, please email us at so we can help resolve it.
KiScon 2017

KiScon 2017 update #4

KiScon 2017 Update #4

With a little under three months to KiScon, we’re about to engage warp drive!  We’re both busy putting all the details of our plan into place to give you a great convention.  Please read the points below, as they contain relevant information.

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KiScon 2017

KiScon 2017 update #3

Hello K/S shippers!

The countdown clock on the KiScon website is now showing under 150 days to go! That might seem like a long way off, but all con organizers will attest to the phenomenon of time contraction whereby what sounds like a whole lot of time, suddenly isn’t! It’s at this point that we start getting into the finer detail, and for at least one aspect, we’re going to need your help. More of that shortly…
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KiScon Update #2

Hello K/S fans!

Spring seems to be springing, slowly but surely, up here in the northern hemisphere, and there’s now just six short months to go to KiScon 2017.  It seems to be coming up fast!  We’re getting very excited – OK, let’s face it, we’ve been excited since we started planning the con!

KiScon 2017 is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the airing of Amok Time and we shall be celebrating that slashiest of episodes in different ways throughout the weekend.

We have an update for you today that contains some useful information for making your travel plans as well as getting involved in the convention!

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KiScon 2017

Earlybird membership rate ends this Saturday!

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Just a reminder that the membership price for KiScon 1017 rises after this Saturday, October 15th! To secure your spot at the early bird rate of $130, register at

If you want to spread the cost, you can also sign up for a supporting membership for $40 now, and upgrade to a full membership later. If the $40 supporting membership fee is received by this Saturday you will benefit from the lower rate when you upgrade.

We look forward to seeing you at the convention!

Rhaegal & Amanda
rhaegal & awarringon

KiScon co-chairs
KiScon 2017

KiScon 2017 update #1

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KiScon is returning to Los Angeles 15-17 September 2017, and membership is open! We will be celebrating 50 years since the airing of Amok Time on 15 September 1967 – that slashiest of episodes that launched a thousand fanfics!

15 September 2016 was also supposed to be the last day of our early-bird registration rate of $130, but because both of us have been travelling (to Kismet, among other things!) and forgot to send out a reminder, we’re extending the early-bird registration period by one month until 15 October 2016. After that, the rate will rise by $10.

If you can't attend, please consider buying a supporting membership for $40, which doesn’t include admission to the convention but does include the zine and DVD. If you then decide later that you want to attend the convention, you can upgrade by paying the difference to the full membership price in effect at the time you initially signed up.

You can sign up online here.

We hope to see lots of you in Los Angeles next year to celebrate 50 years of pon farr!


Rhaegal & Amanda Warrington
KiScon 2017