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KiScon 2011 Final Report - KiSCon - Kirk/Spock Slash Convention [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
KiSCon - Kirk/Spock Slash Convention

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KiScon 2011 Final Report [Sep. 26th, 2011|09:24 pm]
KiSCon - Kirk/Spock Slash Convention




We hope this email finds you hale and hearty! :)

Our final con report is long overdue and for that we apologise.

Before we begin, for those who get bored part way through and stop reading – there’s an announcement below for KiScon UK 2012...

We have to say, three months later and both of us still carry many happy memories of the convention, of meeting you and renewing friendships, and regularly reminisce about the fun times we had over that weekend.

There’s no doubt KiScon 2011 was a challenge to run and we couldn’t have done it without the help of the previous KiScon chair, Kathleen Resch – who was active ‘behind the scenes’, unstintingly giving us a ton of help throughout, and who together with Caren P – who kindly did all the banking for us – allowed us to have things we were ordering shipped to their addresses; and arminaa for the fabulous logo and a ton of work on organising, editing and publishing the con zine; and swordsart for all her work on organising the artshow, with Caren P doing the honours as compère for the auction; and Linda B who took time to pick out a fantastic selection of her zines to generously loan for the weekend; and everyone who made/brought things for the con goody bags, or lent a helping hand stuffing them, preparing the room for the banquet, sitting on the reg desk; running panels, presentations, errands and generally being awesome. You ladies rock! But the challenges paled when compared to the enjoyment of spending time with such a wonderful group of people. Everyone who was there commented on the remarkable energy, and sense of fun that we all had – honestly if we could bottle it, we’d make a fortune!

There was laughter (drawing rimming and enacting ‘sex in the captain’s chair’) and tears (from some of the vids); we had wonderful panels and discussions and presentations put together and presided over by various members (thank you to everyone who hosted them), and will we get away with mentioning the ‘Spock’s Cock’ competition in the middle of this list without anyone noticing? And did we mention the vids? Many of which were created by people at the con, some brand new and others made before some of the attendees were born! And the costumes – fabulous, detailed and beautiful; And Linda wonderful zine library, and the gorgeous quilt donated by KarraAnn made from fabric donated by rhaegal (see link to it below), and there was so much fabulous art to see, and the art auction, and the raffle – we were both moved by how often people donated their winning tickets to share the love – and we had two absolutely wonderful guests in Kathleen Resch and seperis.

And maybe it’s because we had such a blast with all of you that we are doing it all again, this time on home territory! We’ve just announced KiScon UK 2012, details of which can be found here. Within a few days of the announcement, we've had 17 people sign up – including blackbird_song, tracionn and Evie from KiScon 2011– with one member from Australia! It would be really wonderful if some more of you could be there too. We know one person is looking up the best flight prices even as this is being typed!

Thanks to the incredible generosity through commission on art sales and from sales of raffle tickets, when added to the modest surplus made by the convention, we are able to donate $755.37 to the AIDS Research Alliance, and $271.79 (including a $20 donation from one member) to killabeez towards the up-keep of the K/S Archive. That’s an amazing amount! We emailed Killa on Friday to let her know and she’s said a thank you to all of us here. We encourage you to leave a message as a KiScon attendee, to let her know how much her work is appreciated.

This convention wouldn’t have happened without you and we want to thank everyone for putting your faith in an unknown committee and helping us make it happen. While we provided the scrapbook, it was each of you who filled it with pictures, ones that will stay with us for a long time.

And now for some additional info:

You can download all the photos Amanda took from Mediafire (150 mb). These are for your enjoyment only - please do not post any of these online.

KarraAnn’s Quilt
You can see photos of the beautiful, finished quilt here.

Holiday Card Exchange
A reminder about Dani and Alicia’s holiday card exchange. If you want to know more, they have an email address: startrekholiday {at} gmail {dot} com and will be making a LiveJournal community for it.

Livejournal Friending Meme
For those of you on LiveJournal, we created a friending meme on this community. Do take a look to see who’s on there as some people added themselves later, so you can friend each other and keep in touch.

Con Reports
Some members wrote reports on their LJ journals.

Amanda Warrington


T’Racionn: Report #1

T’Racionn: Report #2

The following also wrote con reports, but have ‘locked’ them which means you’ll need an LJ account, and to add them as a friend to see them:


Jaylee_g #1

Jaylee_g #2



We hope that in 2013, someone will pick up the reins to continue the tradition so that we can see you all again!

Amanda and Rhaegal

KiScon 2011 Committee