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KiScon 2012 Progress Report #1 - KiSCon - Kirk/Spock Slash Convention [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
KiSCon - Kirk/Spock Slash Convention

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KiScon 2012 Progress Report #1 [Mar. 8th, 2012|11:15 pm]
KiSCon - Kirk/Spock Slash Convention




This is our first members update for KiScon 2012. Updates will also be posted to our two online groups: KiSconUK on Livejournal and KiSconUK on Yahoo so that people joining us later will be able to go back over them.

With only four months to go, we’re getting very excited about the con and are thrilled that we’ve got 32 members signed up, with two more about to join. There are only 35 rooms in the building we’re using and that number had been our original cap. But since cons typically get last-minute joiners and we didn’t want to turn people away, we’re going to house the overflow in an adjacent building, although we have to cap at 50 due to the maximum capacity of the con rooms. This really will be an international convention, with people travelling from around the globe to be with us.

Behind the scenes, we’ve been working to put the con together. We’ve also got some wonderful volunteers helping us, not all of whom will be able to attend the con itself. darlapr0duction – whose wonderful vids you may know (search for her on youtube if you don’t!) is joining us all the way from Australia and will be running the vid show – details on how to enter vids below. arminaa is again doing the con zine although sadly she can’t be with us this year. tracionn is running the art show and on the final day, Caren Parnes will run the auction.

Paypal Dispute

You may be aware that we are in a dispute with PayPal which froze our account. We have begun a litigation process with them and whatever the outcome, this will not affect the running of the convention which will go ahead as planned. Meanwhile, we are now accepting payments via Google Checkout and ask those of you who have not paid in full to use this method of payment.


A reminder that Saturday is cosplay day. If you're joining in, you may choose to wear your costume all day, or just to wear it to the Babel Banquet in the evening where we’ll be having a prize-winning competition for the best costume. If you are not wearing a costume, we ask you to wear formal evening attire as befits a banquet, so we’ll all be dressed up (don’t worry, we’re not expecting you to wear ball gowns unless you want to, but something a bit ‘dressy’ would be great if you can manage it)! So, if you’re going to wear a costume, you’ve got four months to put it together!

Members' website and programme survey

We now have a members' area available on the con website. Members will receive an email with details on how to access it.

We would like to make this a truly interactive convention by allowing you to vote on what you want included in the programme. In the members' area, you'll find a page listing all the ideas we've had for panels - far more than can actually fit into the programme! You can tick any items you would like to see, and the most popular choices will make it into the convention.

Panel moderators

We're going to need one or two people to moderate each panel. If you haven't been to a KiScon before, the panels are very informal - more like roundtables - so the moderators are just there to lead the discussion and keep it on track. There's no pressure to give a big speech or do hours of preparation; just arrive armed with a few key points and the discussion will take off from there.

If you see any programme items on the list that you would be interested in moderating, just tick the box and we'll allocate panels when we put the programme together. Items will be allocated as evenly as possible, so you can tick as many options as you like. If you have a limit on how many you would actually be willing to run, or if you're especially keen to do one in particular, just email us and we'll keep that in mind. We’ll do our best to schedule panels so that those choosing to moderate several panels won’t have clashes or have to run two in a row. When the schedule is published it won’t be finalized until everyone has given their agreement, in case a panel you’ve volunteered to moderate is scheduled at the same time as one you really want to attend!


Also in the members' area, you'll find links to submit to the art show and convention zine, in case you didn't tick the boxes when you signed up but have changed your mind, and a page to send us vids for the vidshow. We're offering direct upload this time, following the problems with MegaUpload and other filesharing websites.


We're still deciding where and for how long to have dealers open at the convention, so if you have anything you would like to sell, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can factor this into our plans. Kathleen Resch will make editions of her T'hy'la zine available to members. I'll get her to send us a flyer which we can send round and you can pre-order from it, settling payment directly with her. She'll ship them in one go to save on postage and we'll give them to you at the con - this method means there'll be a cut-off date when you can order which she'll let you know about.

Room share before/after the con

Finally for those travelling from overseas who will be taking accommodation in the UK before or after the event and are looking for someone to share to keep costs down, please post requests on the kiscon LiveJournal group.

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Rhaegal & Amanda